At the conclusion of each mission your ninja techniques are reviewed. Your score and rank will depend on how many enemies you killed and under what circumstances. If you score a high rank some of your ninja items will be increased. Score the highest rank, Grand Master, and you will be rewarded with Grand Master items.

A break down of the scoring system and ranking for the original Tenchu is given

Undetected kills +20 (for each)
Detected kills +5 (for each)
Finishing mission +300
Spotted -20 (for each)
Not spotted bonus +100
Innocent kills -30 (for each)

If you reach less than 101 points you will get the lowest possible ranking, Thug.

Points withing the range of 101 and 200 result in a Novice rank.

201-300 points are required for a Ninja rank.

Master Ninja
To be a Master Ninja you will need between 301-400 points.

Grand Master
A Grand Master reaches at least 400 points. This is the highest possible ranking and rewards the player with an increased number of items, as well asĀ  a special Grand Master item per mission.

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