To achieve greatness at Tenchu 3 you will soon need to master the controls. This game is all about not being seen and to so do requires much skill. Stealth is very important if you are ever to become a true Grandmaster.The basic controls for Tenchu 3 are as follows (with some key moves highlighted yellow):

L3 = Left analogue stick R3= Right analogue stick


Advance Up Run forward
Retreat Down Turn and run backwards
Left turn Left Turn and run left
Right turn Right Turn and run right
Strafe forward R2 + Up Step forward
Strafe backward R2 + Down Step backward
Strafe left R2 + Left Step left
Strafe right R2 + Right Step right
Quick strafe forward R2 + X + Up Quick step forward
Quick strafe backward R2 + X + Up Quick step backward
Quick strafe left R2 + X + Up Quick step left
Quick strafe right R2 + X + Up Quick step right
Note: In Tenchu 3 the controls are now analogue, so all character movement are done with the L3 stick. You can also alter the camera angle with the R3 stick.


Jump X Jump straight up
Forward jump Up + X Jump forward
Backward jump Down + X Turns around and jumps
Jump left Left + X Turns to left and jumps
Jump right Right + X Turns to right and jumps
Double Jump X X Jump forward powerfully
Moonsault jump R2 + X Jump forward and reverse direction
Ricochet Jump X X X Flip off wall (need to be next to a wall)

Stealth Mode (crouching)

Crouch R1 &npsp Crouch
Advance R1 + Up Advance while crouching
Retreat R1 + Down Retreat while crouching
Move left R1 + Left Move left while crouching
Move right R1 + Right Move right while crouching
Turn left R1 + Left + Down Turn left while crouching
Turn right R1 + Right + Down Turn right while crouching

Stealth Mode (walls)

Press against wall R1 &npsp Press back against a wall
Move forward R1 + Up Move forward against a wall
Move backwards R1 + Down Move backwards against a wall
Move left R1 + Left Move left against a wall
Move right R1 + Right Move right against a wall
Note: For the following to work you must be close to a wall. Also not you can change the camera angle using the R3 button.

Stealth Mode (rolling)

Forward roll R1 + Up + X Roll forward
Backward roll R1 + Down + X Roll backwards
Left roll R1 + Left + X Roll to the left
Right roll R1 + Right + X Roll to the right
Quick reverse R1 + X Roll through 180º


Move left Left while hanging Move left while hanging
Move right Right while hanging Move right while hanging
Climb Up while hanging Stops hanging and climbs
Drop Down while hanging Stops hanging and drops
Note: By jumping, hooking or grappling the ninja can hang on to an edge.


Defend Circle Blocks enemy attacks from the front


Forward slash Square Ninja slashes forward
Slash left Left + Square Turn and slash to the left
Slash right Left + Square Turn and slash to the right
Crouching attack R1 + Square Slash while crouching
Jump attack Square while jumping Slash while jumping
360º attack 360º + Square Spin 360º and slash
Dash attack Up Up Square Forward lunging slash
Flip attack R2 + Down + Square Slash whilst flipping
Special attack Circle Character dependent attack

Note: Multiple use of the square button results in a combo, used in conjunction with the L3 stick produces even more attacks.
Below are some possible combos you can use.

Standard combo Square Square Square Standard 3-hit combo
3-Hit combo & kick Square Square Square Square + Up 3-Hit combo & kick
Attack & leg sweep Square Square + Down Attack & leg sweep


Pick up item/weapon Directional buttons : Walk close to item/weapon
Aim crimson blade* + directional buttons Target sight is displayed
Throw crimson blade* (release) Blade thrown at target sight
Aim grappling rope + directional buttons Target sight is displayed
Throw grappling hook (release) Grappling rope thrown at target sight
Select item Cycles through items
Select grappling hook Shortcut to grappling hook
Select healing potion Shortcut to healing potion
Use item Selected item is used
View map SELECT : Displays level map
*Crimson blades are also known as shuriken


Look around L1 + Directional buttons : Ninja looks around
Subtle Movements R3 with R1/R2 : Use for subtle character movements
Enter passage R1 + : Enter secret passage
Control Camera R3 analogue stick : Alters camera angle
Cancel SK Animation* : Cancels animation
Detonate sticky bomb Press down R3 : Detonates thrown sticky bomb
Pause START : Pauses the game and displays level objectives
Cancel pause While paused, START : Resumes game
Title screen L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 +
: Return to title screen
*Note this can also be done in the options menu