Ninja Items

Item selection screenIntroduction
Before every Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven mission Ayame and Rikimaru can choose from 26 different items + 2 extra weapons for each character to equip for the obstacles that lie ahead. The carrying capacity within the item selection process is limited to 6 different item types and 16 items though. Once the mission has started you can add more items to your inventory that you have found in the mission.

The Grappling Hook is always in Ayame’s and Rikimaru’s mission inventory. This leaves 15 spaces for additional items, to be chosen from a maximum of 5 different item types.The items themselves are split into 5 main categories. There are normal items (Blow Gun, Caltrops, Coloured Rice, Grappling Hook, Grenade, Healing Potion, Mine, Poison Antidote, Poison Rice, Shuriken/Crimson Blade, Smoke Bomb, Sticky Bomb, Strength Potion, Tetsubishi), special items (Ninja Rebirth, Tiger Trap, Stone of Power), Grand Master items (Binding Spell, Decoy Whistle, Dog Bone, Chameleon Spell, Exploding Arrow, Fire Spell, Fire Works, Invisibility Spell, Ninja Armor, Super Shuriken/Super Crimson Blades) and extra weapons.There are 2 extra weapons per character.
Ayame’s extra weapons are the Kasumi and Shizuku Blades and the Dokuto blades.
Rikimaru’s additional weapons are the Muramasa and the Fugaku.

There are also additional items that can be acquired during the level which you lose once the mission ends (Bow, Egg, Rice Potion, Spear).

At the beginning of the game you only have 5 item types. Throughout the game you gain more item types based on the ranking you achieve on every mission. Your ninja items will also be replenished depending on how high a ranking you achieved in the level. The Stone of Power and the extra weapons are hidden in certain missions. Once found and brought to Gohda Castle you can use them on all missions.

Normal Items
Rikimaru starts the game with 5x Shuriken, 2x Healing Potions, 5x Caltrops, 6x Coloured Rice and 1 Tetsubishi. Ayame has nearly the same items, but instead of the Teshubishi she has the Sticky Bomb. There are 14 types of normal items. You gain more item types (until you have all) after beating a mission. By getting good ranks like Expert Ninja or Grand Master you will get them sooner than getting mediocre and low ranks like Ninja, Thug, Novice.

Blow Gun
Instantly kills an enemy in “!” or “?” mode. Slowly poisons enemies in “!!” or “?!” mode until they have lost 20 health points.
Limit: 5
Drop them behind you to slow opponents. You can throw 3 caltrops at once and each inflict 3 points of damage if any character (including you) steps on them.
Limit: 15
Coloured Rice
Use to mark your way. Place a coloured rice and look at the map (by pressing “SELECT”). At the location you just put the coloured rice you will see a cross on your map in the colour of the rice you just placed. There are 5 available colours: red, yellow, blue, green and white.
Limit: 5
Grappling Hook
Must be taken on every mission. Use it to reach high places (roofs, mountains, …) or to cross large pits. The Grappling Hook can attach nearly to everything eg. walls, ceilings, ledges, … . Press triangle to aim it, when the aim star lights up red release triangle and you will be pulled to the point you aimed at. The Grappling Hook is always in your inventory.
Limit: 1
Inflicts 40 points of damage on impact.
Limit: 15
Healing Potion
Restores your life to 100%.
Limit 15
If anyone steps on it up to 40 points of damage are dealt. As a result the victim flies backwards and lands on his/her back.
Limit: 15
Poison Antidote
Certain opponents can poison you. Your health meter turns from red to green when you have been poisoned. Use the Poison Antidote to neutralize the poison.
Limit: 15
Poison Rice
Use to lure hungry animals, enemies and innocents. Once eaten it will deal damage multiple times until the poison wears off (usually after 30 points of damage have been dealt). If you are quick you can stealth kill your enemy before he eats the rice and pick it up again.
Limit: 15
Shuriken/Crimson Blade
Hold triangle to aim it at an opponent and then release triangle to throw it.
Up to 10 points of damage will be dealt.
The North American and Japanese NTSC release has Shuriken and the European&Australian PAL release Crimson Blades. This is due to different weapon laws in the European community, North America and Japan.
Limit: 15
Smoke Bomb
Explodes in a cloud of smoke when throw that confuses every character in its range for 5 seconds. During this time the enemy is vulnerable to attacks.
Limit: 15
Sticky Bomb
Hold triangle to aim it at an opponent and then release triangle to throw it.
The Sticky Bomb will, as the name implies, stick to the opponent’s body. You stick more than one bomb to an opponent. By pressing L3 the Sticky Bomb will explode. If you stuck more than one Sticky Bomb to an opponent you will have to push down R3(right analog stick) repeatedly to activate them all. Each Sticky Bomb can inflict up to 45 points of damage.
Limit: 5
Strength Potion
Drink it to increase your attack strength. For 15 seconds your attacks will deal more damage. Your character’s upper body will glow red until the Strength Potion wears off.
Limit: 15
A special grappling hook that allows you to pull enemies over long distances to your position.
Limit: 5

Grand Master Items
There are 10 Grand Master Items, one for every mission in story mode. A Grand Master Item is granted to you, as the name already implies, upon reaching the Grand Master rank on a mission. Each Grand Master Item belongs to a certain mission. You can’t unlock more Grand Master Items by Grand Mastering the same mission several times.

Binding Spell
Creates a protection seal around you. Every opponent entering the seal will be paralyzed. The seal lasts for 20 seconds. Use in boss fights or when mutliple enemies harrass you.
Ayame: Assassinate the Evil Tenrai B
Rikimaru: Assassinate the Evil Tenrai B
Limit: 1
Chameleon Spell
Disguises you temporarily as an enemy. The costume varies depending on the mission you are currently playing. Dogs and bosses though will still recognize you as an opponent. The spell wears off after approx. 20 seconds or once you have stealth killed someone.
Ayame: Retrieve the Yoto Swords
Rikimaru: Find the Shichisto Sword
Limit: 3
Decoy Whistle
The Decoy Whistle can mimic 3 different animals cat, dog and rooster. Once you have alerted an enemy or innocent “?!-mode” use it and he/she will go back to “?-mode” at once. The Decoy Whistle is a very powerful item and can save you a lot of time, because you do not have to wait for alerted enemies to calm down.
Ayame: Assassinate the Evil Tenrai A
Rikimaru: Assassinate the Evil Tenrai A
Limit: 1
Dog Bone
Summons your ninja dog Semimaru to aid. Semimaru will fight at your side for 40 seconds or until you hit him. He can’t follow you through a mission so just call him when an enemy is in sight. The enemies won’t attack Semimaru. His attacks, if not blocked, will deal 8 points of damage.
Ayame: Rescue Council Sekiya
Rikimaru: Cross the Ronin Village
Limit: 5
Exploding Arrow
Shoot at an opponent, upon impact the arrow explodes and can deal up to 50 points of damage. Depending on the shooting distance the hit character will fly backwards.
Ayame: Rescue the Village Girls
Rikimaru: Execute Hamada and Return to Lord Gohda
Limit: 3
Fire Spell
Creates a ring of fire around you. Causes up to 45 points of damage to any opponent in range.
Ayame: Go to the Red House of Zennosuke
Rikimaru: Retrieve the Steel for Ressai
Limit: 2
All characters in range will stare into the sky, watching the beautiful firework, for 5 seconds. Be careful when playing with the Fireworks though. If you are standing too close to the Fireworks when they are shot into the sky, you will be shot into the sky instead and will take up to 50 points of damage. Of course you can also place the Fireworks close to an enemy to deal him damage and have him/her fly through the air. If you use the Fireworks indoors, enemies will become alerted “?!”-mode though.
Ayame: Retrieve the Jewel of Heaven
Rikimaru: Infiltrate the Buddha Temple
Limit: 3
Invisibility Spell
You will be invisible to everyone for 15 seconds. You can’t use any items while being invisible. Very useful for killing enemies standing very close together.
Ayame: Execute the Evil Merchant
Rikimaru: Rescue the Kidnapped Princess
Limit: 2
Ninja Armor
Reduces taken damage by: 50% if hit by an Flaming Arrow, 70% if hit by a Shuriken/Crimson Blade, 30% if hit by a regular physical attack. Arrows deal no damage to you while wearing the armor.
Ayame: Escape from Amagai Castle
Rikimaru: Find Ayame’s Imposter
Limit: 1
Super Shuriken/Super Crimson Blades
Throw 8 Shuriken/Crimson Blades simultaneously and deal up to 30 points of damage split on the enemies hit.
The North American and Japanese NTSC release has Shuriken and the European&Australian PAL release Crimson Blades. This is due to different weapon laws in the European community ,North America and Japan.
Ayame: Assassinate the Traitor Hamada
Rikimaru: Punish the Evil Merchant
Limit: 5

Special Items
Special Items are either given to you as a reward for a good ranking (Tiger Trap), found in a certain mission (Stone Of Power), added to your item inventory after you first picked them up in a mission (Ninja Rebirth).

Ninja Rebirth
Resurrects you from the dead after you have died in a fight and teleports you behind the closest opponent. At the position where you died a wooden log appears, leaving your opponents confused and stunned for a couple of seconds. The Ninja Rebirth won’t resurrect you when you fall down a pit or into certain traps. In every mission at least 1 Ninja Rebirth is hidden.
Limit: 1
Stone of Power
Increases your attack strength by 25% and you can throw items farther as long as you carry it with you. The Stone of Power can be found in Amagai Castle at the exact same location for Rikimaru and Ayame.
Read the walkthroughs for Rescue the Kidnapped Princess and Escape from Amagai Castle for a detailed description where to find the Stone of Power.
Limit: 1
Tiger Trap
Traps any characters feet silly enough to step on it. The feet will be trapped for 5 seconds, leaving the trapped unable to move or attack. Deals 6 points of damage.
Limit: 3

Extra Weapons
Apart from the Azuma Ninja’s sacred sword “Izyaoi”, Rikimaru can use 2 additional swords the “Muramasa” and the “Fugaku”. Ayame also finds 2 recieves 2 additional weapons “Dokuto” and “Kasumi and Shizuku”.

The red glowing Dokuto blades are hidden in Ayame’s mission “Retrieve the Jewel of Heaven”. When Ayame equips them the blades poison her for a short time, until she has taken 23 points of damage. By using a Poison Antidote this can be avoided. By hitting any character with the Dokuto swords he/she will be poisoned and suffer from paralyzation and as a result will receive additional damage each couple of seconds.
Usable by Ayame only.
Limit: 1
The Fugaku sword is hidden in Rikimaru’s mission mission Infiltrate the Buddha Temple.
The Fugaku sword deals more damage than Izayoi and has a larger range, but slows Rikimaru’s movement and attacks down. The Fugaku sword deals more damage than Izayoi and has a larger range, but slows Rikimaru’s movement down by 20%. Rikimaru’s jumps are also lowered by 20%.
Not all moves can be performed with the Fugaku sword equipped. The normal combo deals 46 points of damage and the dash attack 20.
Not all moves can be performed with the Fugaku sword equipped.
Usable by Rikimaru only.
Limit: 1
Kasumi and Shizuku
“Kasumi and Shizuku” are the blue glowing Yoto Swords Lord Gohda wants you to retrieve in mission 4 “Retrieve the Yoto swords”. They are your only chance to hurt and kill undead enemies. While using them you lose one health point every second until you have reached 1. The blades won’t drain your life beyond 1 though. Not only do the blades drain your life but used to defeat the undead creatures it will replenish your life force. Every time you successfully stealth kill an opponent you get 40 points of health back. You recover 20 points of health by killing an opponent in an open fight.
Usable by Ayame only.
Limit: 1
The swordsmith Ressai gives the Muramasa sword, which has protected his family for generations, to Rikimaru at the beginning of the mission “Retrieve the Steel for Ressai”. The Muramasa is the only sword that can hurt or kill undead. It is the most powerful of Rikimaru’s 3 swords, because it deals the most damage in combat, but it also has a disadvantage. Every second 1 health point is drained from your life until you have reached 1. The Muramasa won’t drain your life beyond 1 though. Not only does the sword drain your life but used to defeat the undead creatures it will replenish your life force. Every time you successfully stealth kill an opponent you get 40 points of health back.
Usable by Rikimaru only.
Limit: 1

Mission Only Items
In every mission you can pick up bows and spears from killed opponents. You can also find special food (Egg, Rice Potion) to recover your strength. These items though can only be picked up during a mission and can not be taken to your items&weapons room in Gohda Castle. Items&weapons can be picked up from the floor by simply standing very close to them.

Pick up from dead archers. Each bow comes with 3 arrows. The bows standard shooting range is quite short. An arrow deals 10 points of damage. Good alternative for the Throwing Needle. Hitting an unsuspecting victim with an arrow will not instantly kill him/her if he/she has more than 10 health points.
By eating it you recover 50 health points.
Rice Potion
By eating it you recover 30 health points.
The spear has a large attack range and is good to keep opponents in distance. You can’t do many different attack moves with it though. You can perform stealth kills with the spear, but won’t get a stealth kill animation.