Item Hints

  • Items are used by highlighting them (use D-Pad Arrows Left and Right or L2 to scroll through your items ) and pressing Triangle.
  • Aim items by holding triangle and moving the left analogue stick
  • You can cancel the use of an item by pressing Square. This is very useful when your aiming an item but then decide not to use it at all.
  • Use Ayame’s and Rikimaru’s special ability Ninja Vision to aim more accurate and throw items farther.
  • The Grappling Hook and the Healing Potion have shortcuts. Press the D-Pad Arrow Up to access the Grappling Hook and D-Pad Arrow Down for the Healing Potion.
  • If you are in a fight situation and don’t have time to aim press R2 to lock onto the enemy closest to you and unleash your chosen item.
  • The more powerful items will take a couple of seconds until they are activated. Use smoke bombs, caltrops or the tiger trap to keep your enemies busy while you cast a binding spell or fire spell for example.
  • Not all items work on all opponents. Robots and Undead for example can’t be poisoned with the Blow Gun or the Poison Rice. Undead creatures can’t be hurt with any item (for example Grenade, Mine, Exploding Arrow, Fire Spell, Shuriken, …).
  • Use the smoke bomb to confuse enemies while you prepare the Wrath of Heaven. Very useful in boss fights or when fighting multiple enemies.
  • Use the Camoflage Spell before entering a cut-scene, to see them with different characters.
  • Dance Baby, Dance! If you place caltrops around a poison rice ball the guard will make for the ball and step on the spikes. Funny watching cause they will also eat the rice ball once they cleared the caltrops for double damage! Place more than one set of caltrops for even more damage!
    Submitted by Electrojin