Tesshu’s Ranking System

At the conclusion of each mission your assassin techniques are reviewed. Your score and rank will depend on how many enemies you killed and under what circumstances. If you score a high rank your tools will be increased. Score the highest rank, Master of Assassins, and you will be rewarded with a special Master of Assassins tool per mission.

Unlike Rikimaru & Ayame who choose their items from what Gohda offers them, Tesshu must buy his available items using what money he has accumulated.

A break down of the scoring system, ranking and payment for Tesshu in Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven is given below. Ayame’s & Rikimaru’s Ranking system can be found here.

Task Breakdown Points
Undetected Kills Undetected kills +20 (for each)
Detected kills Detected kills +5 (for each)
Spotted Finishing mission +300
Spotted -30 (for each)
Not spotted bonus +150
Innocents Innocent kills -50 (for each)
Points Rank Tools
 < 100 Novice 3 random tools increased
100 <  < 250 Thug 5 random tools increased
250 <  < 350 Rookie 10 random tools increased
350 <  < 450 Professional all tools and special tools increased
 > 450 Master of Assassins all tools and special tools increased
Time     Bonus Money
 < 21 min     220
21  <  < 23 min     160
23  <  < 26 min     120
26  <  < 29 min     80
29  <  < 30 min     30
 > 30 min     0

For each mission you complete you receive money. The main bulk of your payment is equal to twice your score with additional funds given for the resale of unused/collected items, collected money during the level and a time bonus based on your speed (see times above).

The fact that you only need 450pts to gain a Grand Master ranking allows you to deduce two formulae regarding how many times you can be spotted and still gain the highest rank. Suppose a mission has x  enemies. Then use these formulae to check how many times you can be spotted, s :

Formula 1 < 20x  – 150
Formula 2 < 20x  – 150

where Formula 1 calculates s assuming you normally kill any enemy who sees you, and Formula 2 assuming you stealth kill any enemy who spots you. Note these formulae assume you kill every enemy on the level.