Release Date
North America February 15th, 2005
Europe & Australia May 6th, 2005
Japan July 22nd, 2004

English Tenchu: Fatal Shadows
Japanese Tenchu: Kurenai (translation Tenchu: Crimson)

Platform PS2
Player(s) 1
Developer K2
Publisher SEGA in North America & Europe & Australia
FromSoftware in Japan

Japanese Cover

NA cover

Plot Synopsis
Lord Gohda orders Ayame to investigate the events outside his territory. All she finds are tombs and burned down villages. One night she comes to the village Hagakure no Sato which has just been attacked and burned down by a group of assassins. The town elder whispers with his last breath the mysterious word “Kuroya”. It is the very moment Rin a 16 year old villager returns from her training. She mistakes Ayame for one of the attackers and swears revenge. As the plot unfolds Ayame uncovers the identity of the real attackers and helps Rin to punish them.

Frequently Asked Questions
The only playable characters are Ayame and Rin. It is not possible to play as Rikimaru, Tesshu or anybody else.
There is no mission editor and no multiplayer.
The storyline is set right after Tenchu: Stealth Assassins and before Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven(PS2) / Tenchu: Return from Darkness(XBOX).