Ayame’s Special Moves

Ayame has a total of 13 unlockable special moves. New moves are unlocked upon collecting a certain amount of scrolls. Scrolls are earned through successfully stealth killing enemies. Collect more than 1600 scrolls with Ayame and Rin to unlock Ayame’s hidden Tenchu and Tenchu 2 costumes (the amount of scrolls are added, means it is enough to collect 800 scrolls with Rin and 800 scrolls with Ayame).

Wall Run
When jumping toward a wall, keep the x button held down to run up the wall. Release the x button to perform a wall jump.
With this technique, ninjas can jump toward a wall, then continue to run up the wall. It requires great leg, stomach, and even back muscles to keep balance and perfect this technique.
Scrolls required: 10

Crescent Moon
Press square, square, square, square, back + square
At the end of a flurry of attacks, Ayame can unleash a devastating kick attack, low to the ground.
Scrolls required: 30

Hawk Eye (Ninja Vision)
Hold L1 and push the right analogue stick forward to zoom into your surroundings. Hold L1 and push the right analogue stick downwards to zoom out. Can be combined with using the left analogue stick to freely look around. Hawk Eye allows you to aim items more precisely and throw them farther, by zooming into your target. Legend says that the ninja had eyes as acute as a hawk’s. Whether this was due to training or use of tools is not known, but perhaps it was a special skill like this that gave them this power.
Scrolls required: 60

Swift Guard (Ninjutsu Block)
Press circle just before an enemy attacks you, to parry attacks.
You can push the enemy off balance with this technique and leave him open for a counter attack of yours. If you fail to block right in time, your enemies’ attack will go through unblocked. Ayame has perfected this technique so that it requires very little physical strength to turn away even the strongest attacks.
Scrolls required: 100

Cheetah Sprint
Press R1 + L3 (push left analoge stick). Press circle to cancel the move.
Crouching low to the ground like a cheetah, a ninja can launch into a great sprint. This technique is especially useful in areas with many places to hide, and many corners to turn. This technique is practiced by sprinting with weights attached to one’s leg.
Scrolls required: 150

Inner Ear
Press R1 + circle. A map pops up showing the location of enemies within a certain region. Only enemies that make noises are shown. Watch the map for a while to identify enemy locations. By sitting close to the ground and putting herself under a sort of hypnosis, a ninja can hear even the slightest of noise by picking up vibrations from the ground. It requires great control over one’s heartbeat and breathing to do this technique.
Scrolls required: 200

Arrow Block
Press circle just before an enemy projectile hits you. Deflect any incoming enemy projectiles. It is thought that ninjas possibly possessed this skill, but it seems unlikely, as it would have been more effective to dodge arrows, and continue, rather than stop and block.
Scrolls required: 250

Long Claw (Grappling Hook Combo)
This technique will require some time to learn, so be patient. Rotate the left analog stick 360 degrees (try to make a perfect circle) and press square. After the enemy is launched into the air, press triangle to grab the enemy with the hook.If you press triangle too late the grappling hook will shoot out, but won’t cling to your opponent and pull him/her back, because he/she is already laying on the floor. Using the grappling hook, this technique allows you to attack enemies after they have been knocked back.
Scrolls required: 300

Select a shuriken from your items and press triangle to throw it. If you aim correctly and hit the enemy’s head from behind, it will cause instant death.
In addition to the Hawk Eye technique, a ninja can further train her eye so that she can strike at enemy pressure points and vital organs with a shuriken, even at a great distance.
Scrolls required: 350

Mind Control
Paralyze enemies and innocents by pressing circle when you are in stealth kill range. This will only work on guards in ?-mode. By applying pressure on a specific pressure point, a ninja can temporarily shut down an enemy’s nervous system, effectively paralyzing them for a short while. The victim will not be able to see or hear for the durations of the paralysis. This ninja technique allows the ninja to use hypnosis to control the mind of her target.
Scrolls required: 400

Spider’s Nest (formerly known as Cling to Ceiling)
Equip your Grappling Hook and aim it at a ceiling by pressing triangle. Hold R1 and release triangle, but don’t let go of R1. Your character will be pulled against the ceiling and hang there as long as you don’t release R1, but not longer than 18 seconds. After 15 seconds your controller will start vibrating, this indicates you have 3 more seconds until you will fall down. While you are clinging to a ceiling you can still use the following items: Decoy Whistle, Grenade, Poisoned Rice and Smoke Bomb. For example try dropping a Poison Rice, when an enemy approaches to pick it up drop down on him/her and press square to kill him/her.
Scrolls required: 450

False Wall (Wall Camouflage)
Press to a wall by holding R1 and press circle. If you release either button the move ends.A great deal of a ninja’s power comes from the manipulation of people’s senses. The False Wall technique allows a ninja to blend into surrounding walls, using sheets of cloth painted in patterns to match those walls.
Scrolls required: 500

WrathPress and hold the square to charge, then release the button to attack. If the attack is successful, press square again to attack the next target. When surrounded by enemies, Ayame can spend a moment focusing her inner energies, then lash out in a great attack, striking all those nearby. In this game, Ayame has yet to perfect this technique. This is the predecessor of Ayame’s Wrath of Heaven move in Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven(PS2)/Tenchu: Return from Darkness(XBOX).
Scrolls required: 550

Written by gongcai372001 and Selenia.