Defend Circle &nbsp Blocks enemy attacks from the front
Forward slash Square &nbsp Ninja slashes forward
Slash left Left + Square &nbsp Turn and slash to the left
Slash right Left + Square &nbsp Turn and slash to the right
Crouching attack R1 + Square &nbsp Slash while crouching
Jump attack Square while jumping Slash while jumping
360? attack 360? + Square &nbsp Spin 360? and slash
Dash attack Up Up Square &nbsp Forward lunging slash
Flip attack R2 + Down + Square &nbsp Slash whilst flipping
Throw enemy Circle &nbsp Use when enemy blocks or is inattentively
Note: Multiple use of the square button results in a combo,used in conjuction with the L3 stick produces even more attacks.
Below are some possible combos you can use.

Standard combo Square Square Square &nbsp Standard 3-hit combo
3-Hit combo & kick Square Square Square Square + Up &nbsp 3-Hit combo & kick
Attack & leg sweep Square Square + Down &nbsp Attack & leg sweep
Forward Up &nbsp Swim forward
Backwards Down &nbsp Turn and swim backwards
Swim left Left &nbsp Swim to the left left
Swim turn Right &nbsp Swim to the right
Enter water silently R1 + direction &nbsp Crouch to enter water silently
Water Phantom R1 &nbsp Stay close under the water surface
Pick up item/weapon Directional buttons &nbsp: Walk close to item/weapon
Aim crimson blade*

+ directional buttons Target sight is displayed
Throw crimson blade* (release) Blade thrown at target sight
Aim grappling hook

+ directional buttons Target sight is displayed
Throw grappling hook (release) Grappling rope thrown at target sight
Select item &nbsp Cycles through items
Select grappling hook &nbsp Shortcut to grappling hook
Select healing potion &nbsp Shortcut to healing potion
Use item &nbsp Selected item is used
Open map SELECT &nbsp: Shows level map permanently
Close map SELECT &nbsp: Closes level map
*Crimson blades are also known as shuriken
Look around L1 + Directional buttons &nbsp: Ninja looks around
Subtle Movements R3 with R1/R2 &nbsp: Use for subtle character movements
Enter passage R1 + &nbsp &nbsp: Enter secret passage
Control Camera R3 analogue stick &nbsp: Alters camera angle
Cancel SK Animation

  &nbsp: Cancels animation
Detonate sticky bomb Press down R3 &nbsp: Detonates thrown sticky bomb
Pause START &nbsp: Pauses the game. Displays restart options.