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Plot Synopsis (contains spoilers)
Lord Goda and the neighboring country of Ogawara are on the brink of war. Various trades and political engrossments have increased tension between the two and the Azuma Ninja Clan, now well established and headed by Rikimaru, are to defend the land of Gohda. However, Ogawara is and his armies, along with his personal ninja Shigi, are strong and the Azuma Clan needs your help to take down the rival country. According to the cut scenes, you and your partner left your old lives behind without looking back, in order to become ninjas under Rikimaru’s tutelage. Whether you are male or female does not impact the story.
As you eliminate spies, gather information, and assassinate those in cooperation with Ogawara, Shigi begins to interfere with your missions. In your first meeting with Shigi he will kill your target before you do so, and provide a boss battle for that level. He is a master at ninjutsu and the art of the sword, as well as stealth and assassination techniques as seen in other cut scenes and during the fight. At some point in the story Shigi ambushes you and your partner at the end of a mission and your partner has disappeared. Shigi captures and tortures your partner until you come to rescue him/her, but to no avail as the injuries were to grave and your partner dies in your arms. The story progresses as you complete your missions getting closer and closer to your goal, Ogawara himself. Once you beat the last level it appears that Shigi actually assists your assassination of Ogawara for reasons unknown, and he seems to possess some sort of knowledge of Rikimaru. The story in Tenchu Z takes backseat really, as the missions each have their own side story that adds to the main plot. Going into each one would be repetitive and pointless as they usually don’t actually affect the story directly, although there are some missions specifically for advancement of the story.

Release Date
North America June 12th, 2007
Europe June 29th, 2007

October 5th, 2005

English Tenchu Z

Tenchu Senran

Platform Xbox 360
Xbox Live Supported with 4 players co-op


Japan FromSoftware
North America, Europe & Australia Microsoft Game Studios

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I miss tenchu :( I play fighting games pretty seriously, wanna get competitive but not much of a scene where I am. Ive been a Tenchu addict ever since the first one was competing with MGS1 for best stealth game. I have played through all of them, except for kurenai, thoroughly. Ninja5/Grandmaster/Master ninja on every mission. I LOVE NINJAS and this game REALLY inspired me in art, and even life style. Tenchu needs to make a comeback! Feel free to contact me about anything tenchu related or otherwise! I love collaberation and am looking to do alot of tenchu work in the future