Matsunoshin Gohda
Ruler of the land of Gohda and the man under which the Azuma Ninja serve. Gohda is a man of honor and integrity, always looking out for the poor and those that cannot help themselves. His wife was killed years before in the rebellion of Lord Toda (Tenchu 2), however his daughter, princess Kiku, still lives. Gohda seems to be of such unrelenting good character that Rikimaru considers it an honor to serve under him and has nothing but respect for him.

Leader of the Azuma ninja clan, he will give you all of your missions for Tenchu Z and serves mostly as a story icon as he is not playable nor is ever seen really in action in this game. At the end it is shown he may know something about Shigi that we do not, however this is never explored. Rikimaru is a ninja of great strength and an extremely strong will. He is stoic and serious, although when angered can be quite merciless.

Nagayori Ogawara
Lord of the land of Ogawara a neighboring country to Gohda, he is malicious and evil in most of his dealing. Many having to do with the kodama leaf, a drug worth a good price in the black market, or all around shady business. This man is ruthless and conniving, as most villains are, and extremely untrustworthy. Your job is ultimately to end his reign and eliminate his threat to the land of Gohda.

This powerful ninja is working under Ogawara although his agenda is not clear. He is a silent type, only speaking when there is something of importance to say. He is extremely skilled with the ninja-to(ninja sword), stealth, and other ninjutsu techniques. He even fooled Rikimaru in the last mission as he seems to actually assist you in killing Ogawara, betraying his own master. His whereabouts after this event are unknown.

Main Character (Ninja/Kunoichi)
Apparently you left your old life behind and joined the Azuma Ninja clan with a companion of the opposite sex. Not much is revealed about the main characters history as the developers wanted to leave it to your imagination, so it could be anyone you want!

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