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Life, well particularly work, has been very busy these past 4 weeks. In September I attended Tokyo Game Show to present Tengami, the game I am working on, at Sense of Wonder Night. Just a week later I traveled to Culver City in the US to present Tengami at IndieCade, an independent game’s festival. I had a great time, but the constant on the road life-style left me with no time to report back to you earlier.

As most of you probably already know by now, FromSoftware did not make any Tenchu related announcements at the TokyoGameShow. I did some digging, asking my friends at Acquire and other friends in the Japanese game industry, if they had heard anything about a Tenchu game being in development. From what I have heard it appears that FromSoftware are currently not working on a new Tenchu game. Of course a new Tenchu game might be FromSoftware’s best kept secret at this point, but I would not get my hopes up. I wish I had better news for you, guess we just need to keep waiting and enjoy the other games out there. On Twitter a lot of people mentioned ‘Mark of the Ninja’ as a good 2D stealth game on XBLA. I have not had the chance to play it myself though.

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  1. The news dissapointed us i guess,alot!So there are 2 possibillities:
    1)From Software keeps it as a secret so Acqurie isn’t working in the next Tenchu game.
    2)They havent even started a new Tenchu game.

    I really dunno >_> I really want to play a new Tenchu game but From Software hasn’t made a good job with Tenchu games after Fatal Shadows.Think of it a bit:

    Tenchu Time of the Assassins->Great idea,awfully excecuted,the game was awful.Ofcourse the Tenchu fans like it bcz it has actually everything from the past Tenchu games but TOTA is a bad game.

    Tenchu Dark Secret->Worst tenchu game ever?No words.

    Tenchu Z->Again nice idea but it wasn’t a quallity game,it was just ok,yes i have played it for more than 180hours but you cant compare it with the other games around.

    Tenchu SHadow Assault->Fun game but it wasn’t Tenchu.

    Tenchu Shadow Assassins->Quallity game,promising,they surely put alot of money for this game but being on Wii made the game limited,with bad fighting and many fans didn’t like the direction it took.

    Tenchu San/Tenchu Kurenai->Tenchu 3 & FS for PSP,why they didn’t wait 1 year to release it on PSVita or something?And again why just a port and not remake?Like what Nitendo & Tecmo did with Fatal Frame 2?

    What i want to say is that From Software has done really stupid moves and they probably dont want to bet on Tenchu success again.specially after the failure of the most promising Tenchu game(Tenchu 4).They do have other more succesful games to work on,like Dark SOuls & Armored Core.7 out of 9 Tenchu games that they released(including the ports of T3 & TFS) failed,why keep working on a francise that everyone comments it as “Great in the past but now dead” while Hitman,MGS & Assassins Creed are around,i really dunno >_>

  2. It is really sad but as we all suposed Tenchu is currently dead. It is obvious too that the awful and horrible Tenchu 4 was just the gross key Acquire found to kill definitively the sagas allowing them to focus into other games like Shinobido.

    Such a sad and depressing ending for a so great sagas.

    R.I.P Tenchu.

  3. I found TWO mistakes in your comment/reply.

    1st)Tenchu 4 wasn’t awful neither horrible.(lol)
    2nd)Tenchu is currently dead i know but it’s not over yet,Rikimaru was dead too but he came back remember?No matter how bad things are for the series(and they are pretty bad) this doesn’t mean that they can’t do something to fix that.Personally if From Software wont be serious with Tenchu i prefer them to sell it in another company like Ubisoft.No matter how MUCH i love to death TenchuWOH(which was from Fromsoftware) i prefer them to sell it bcz they are not taking seriously the game >_>

  4. selenia might please you, as you have friends in from software, could you try to find out the director that we look forward to a new tenchu??? any effort is good. Thanks for reporting


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