Acquire Interview

Gamasutra interviewed Richie Casper from Acquire about the past, present and future of stealth. Nothing about a new Tenchu, but still a nice read. Check it out here.

6 thoughts on “Acquire Interview

  1. For one reason i couldn’t post in this topic and i wrote the “Very interesting interview.” because i wanted to test it but there isn’t an edit option :S

    ANyway i found the interview interesting.I believe that selling Tenchu to From Software killed Acqurie.I am pretty sure that they regreted it now but what can they do now?Nothing,too bad :/

    Anyway i hope that they will have a good future and that they will work with Tenchu again one day…

  2. It didn’t kill Acquire, but selling their golden egg did mean they didn’t have a safe series to fall back on if other games of theirs didn’t sell as well.

    They appear to be doing well enough with their Way of the Samurai series, and everything else that they do. If they’d kept hold of the Tenchu franchise it would be interesting to have seen what direction the series would’ve go into. Then again, it wouldn’t have suited the series had it gone the direction of Shinobido (which I love, but for different reasons).

  3. Interviewer is an idiot for not even asking about the future of tenchu. That added no new information.

  4. Hey, Idk if this will be any help to u guys but all of my old friends from Tenchu Z r going to sign the petition so we can have a new tenchu game!! I remember that we use to have clans in Tenchu Z so I messaged all of the people that I could remember to sign for the petition so I hope this will help us get a new game

  5. Great Noah!
    Almost 2.000people have signed in the petition, 8.000 more and we will send the message at From Software :S

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