Ninja Items
There are 20 different items in Tenchu: Stealth Assassins. 

Standard items (Caltrops, Coloured Rice, Grappling Hook, Grenade, Healing Potion, Mine, Poison Rice, Shuriken/Throwing Knife, Smoke Bomb) and special ninja items – Grandmaster items (Chameleon Spell, Decoy Whistle, Dog Bone, Fire-Eater Scroll, Light-foot Scroll, Ninja Armor, Protection Amulet, Resurrection Leaf, Shadow Decoy, Sleeping Gas, Super Crimson Blades/Super Shuriken).

The special ninja items are unlocked by getting Grandmaster rank on a certain mission. Grandmaster items are limited to 3, that means you will never have more than 3 of them. The Ninja Armor and the Decoy Whistle are limited to 1.

By reaching a good rank the items in your inventory are increased. The Grandmaster items are only increased if you finish a mission as Grandmaster.

You are limited to bringing 15 items of 4 different types plus Grappling Hook to a mission. The Grappling Hook is always in your inventory.

Caltrops Caltrops Drop them behind you to slow opponents. Inflicts 3 points of damage if any character (including you) steps on them.
Chameleon Spell Disguises you as an enemy or innocent. Wears off after 20 secs , when you perform a stealth kill or use certain items.
Mission : Cure The Princess
Coloured Rice Coloured Rice Use to mark your way.
Decoy Whistle Mimics animal noises. Enemies in “!!” mode will go to “?!” and if used it again to “?” mode (when you are not seen).
Mission : Free The Princess
Dog Bone Summons Semimaru (a dog) who will support you in your fights until his life energy is reduced to 0. Semimaru won’t follow you through a mission, so only use this item during fights.
Mission: Reclaim the castle
Fire-Eater Scroll Use to breathe fire . Inflicts up to 60 points of damage.
Mission: Deliver the Secret Message
Grappling Hook Grappling Hook Must be taken on each mission. Use it to reach high places (roofs , mountains) or just to pass long passages. The grappling hook can nearly cling to everything!
Grenade Grenade Inflicts 30 points of damage upon impact.
Healing Potion Healing Potion Restores your life to 100% .
Lightfoot Scroll Temporarily (5 secs) speeds up your movement. Use to instantly move long distances.
Mission: Punish the Evil Merchant
Mine Mine Place it on an enemy path. If anyone steps on it, 35 points of damage are dealt.
Ninja Armor Reduces damage by 30% .
Mission : Execute the Corrupt Minister
Poison Rice Poison Rice A very powerful item to lure hungry animals, enemies and innocents. Taking one on a mission should be enough to trick all enemies! When eaten it temporarly paralyzes an enemy.
Protection Amulet Temporarily (15 secs) boosts offense and defense.
Mission: Rescue the Captive Ninja
Resurrection Leaf Brings you back from the dead, if you carry it with you when you die.
Mission: Destroy the Foreign Pirate
Shadow Decoy Creates a kind of balloon in the shape of a ninja. Enemies will attack it on sight.
Mission: Infiltrate the Manji Cult
Shuriken Shuriken/Throwing Knife Throw it at an enemy. Inflicts 15 points of damage.
PAL version has crimson blades instead.
Sleeping Gas Induces sleep , but most enemies will awake when they hit the ground.
Mission: Cross the Checkpoint
Smoke Bomb Smoke Bomb Explodes in a cloud of smoke that temporarily confuses every character in its range.
Super Shuriken Throw 8 shuriken simultaneously.
PAL version has super crimson blades instead.
Mission: Training


Original author Selenia. Edited by the Tenchu Checkpoint Team.