Ninja Items

There are 20 different items in Tenchu 2. They are divided into 3 categories: Standard items – available in your inventory from the beginning on (Caltrops, Coloured Rice, Grappling Hook, Healing Potion, Shuriken/Throwing Knife, Smoke Bomb).Scattered items – which you must find on certain missions, denoted by the number next to a certain item (Air Bottle, Blinding Dust, Blow Gun, Grenade, Mine, Poison Antidote, Poison Rice ).

Grandmaster items (short GM) – which you gain by getting a certain number of Grandmaster ranks (Dragon Breath, Exploding Arrow, Leaves of Stealth, Ninja Armor, Ninja Camoflage, Ninja Rebirth, Sleeping Gas).

Grandmaster items are available to all 3 ninja once they have been unlocked !

You are limited to bringing 12 items of 4 types + grappling hook, which is always in your inventory.

Once you have got Grandmaster on all missions with all 3 characters your carrying capacity will be doubled to 24.

Items are increased depending on the rank you get for a mission. Learn here how your rank affects your amount of items.

Name Image Description Rikimaru Ayame Tatsumaru
Air Bottle Air Bottle Refills your oxygen supply to 100%. Use to travel long water passages undetected . 5 13 21
Blinding Dust Blinding Dust Temporarily blinds enemies. 9 9 19
Blow Gun Blow Gun Insatantly kills an enemy in “!” or “?” mode . Slowly poisones enemies in “!!” or “?!” mode. 6 12 21
Caltrops Caltrops Drop them behind you to slow opponents. Inflict 3 points of damage if any character (including you) step on them.
Coloured Rice Coloured Rice Use to mark your way. Can also be used in combination with “Ninja Rebirth” .
Dragon’s Breath Dragon's Breath Causes 30 points of damage up to 3 times to any opponent in range. 20 GMs
Exploding Arrow Exploding Arrow Shoot at an opponent and inflict 25 points of damage. 6 GMs
Grappling Hook Grappling Hook Must be taken on each mission. Use it to reach high places (roofs , mountains) .
Grenade Grenade Inflicts 30 points of damage on impact. 3 11 22
Healing Potion Healing Potion Restores your life to 100% .
Leaves of Stealth Leaves of Stealth Teleports you behind the nearest enemy. 10 GMs
Mine Mine Place it on an enemy path. If anyone steps on it , 35 points of damage will be dealt. 7 9 24
Ninja Armor Ninja Armor Reduces 50% of damage dealt by items and blocks 50% front attacks. 15 GMs
Ninja Camoflage Ninja Camoflage Invisibility for 30 secs or until a stealth kill is performed . During invisibilty non other item than the grappling hook can be used. 4 GMs
Ninja Rebirth 1 Resurrects you from the dead and teleports you to the last point were you placed a Coloured Rice or to the missions start point.25 GMs
Poison Antidote Poison Antidote Neutralizes poison and restores 20 health points. 1 10 18
Poison Rice Poison Rice Lure hungry animals , enemies and innocents . Can inflict 5 points of damage multiple times . 4 14 20
Smoke Bomb Smoke Bomb Explodes in a cloud of smoke that temporarily confuses every character in its range. 2 15 23
Shuriken/ Throwing Knife Shuriken/Throwing Knife Throw it at an enemy. Inflicts 15 points of damage.
Sleeping Gas Sleeping Gas Enemies fall asleep. 2 GMs

Mission Index

1.Gang Of Thieves
2. Treason At Gohda Castle
3. Lord Toda’s Warcamp
4. Demon Mountain
5. The Secret Harbor
6. The Temple of Dreams
7. Ninja Village Under Attack
8. In Pursuit of Tatsumaru
9. The Kansen Caverns
10. The Mountain Bandits
11. Lady Kei In Danger
12. To Save A Princess
13. Kubon Island
14. The Island Fort
15. The Quarantine Village
16. Cherry Tree Hill
17. The Fire Demon
18. A Shadow
19. The Head Of Lord Toda
20. Labor Shortage
21. Guarding The Secret Harbor
22. No Mercy
23. Assault On The Ninja Village
24. The Final Dawn