Tips & Tricks

– General Tips
– Points Of No Return – Ricochet Jumps
– None Grapple Points – Moonsault Jumps
– Walkthrough Walls – Harsh Protect
– Scroll Pickers – Fall In The Shadows
– One Way Water Passages – Closed Waterways
– Fence Trick


General Tips

To avoid enemies disappearing do not over populate areas with enemies and objectsTry to cover up null space (the black border) with infinity tiles.

Don’t change the mission objective during your mission creation as any enemies you have placed will be removed.

If you place new objects towards the end of your creation check you have not blocked any enemy pathways.


Points Of No Return

Characters can jump a maximum of three squares, but they can grapple an edge a distance of up to five away. Set up such a grapple point and when grappled to your character can not return from where he/she has come.


Ricochet Jumps

Have you noticed when you are next to a wall and you jump you can then jump again to flip off it? This is called a Ricochet Jump. Well you can align pillars so that you have to use this type of jump to navigate a pitfall area. The picture below shos a typical setup. To get from (A) to (B) you must flip off the far corner of the pillar.


None grapple pints

There are certain places where a grapple hook can not reach. Placing some items, such as a fence, on four high ground results in a non grapple point.
Alternatively there are places that can be grappled to but our character can not hold on to. For example using a raised Slight or Steep Incline our character can only grapple on to all edges but only hang on the one marked in red. Used in conjunction with pitfalls you can create tempting grapples that result in death.


Moonsault Jumps

This idea continues from the notion of None Grapple Points. Suppose you have ground at level 0 and a none grapple point at level 4. You can not grapple up to that level since you cannot hold on to the edge. However using either Rikimaru or Tatsumaru if you perform a moonsault jump (down, up, x) you can flip on to that level.


Walkthrough Walls

It is possible to create walls that can be walked through. To do this place two pillars diagonally together. Make the terrain on one side of the diaganol (A) lower than the other side (B). It may now be possible to pass through the wall from side (B) to (A). Once again this glitch requires a lot of tinkering to work, sometime it does and other times it doesn’t. Don’t me afraid to mess around to get this to work.


Harsh Protect

In this version of a protect mission you put characters near Gohda, but make sure that Gohda is not in their line of sight. You can achieve this by setting a path where the characters just pause looking one way.
Now if you do anything that results in characters going in to the !? mode or worse (i.e. being spotted, splashing water) all characters will draw weapons and rotate on the spot. As soon as they see Gohda they will start attacking him. Hence if you have not found him, he will die a quick death without your protection.


Scroll Pickers

In a retrieve mission it is possible for characters to pick up the scrolls. Just set a path which takes them through the scroll. If you want to be really mean let an innocent pick up the scroll, most honorable Tenchu players don’t think about hunting the innocent.


Fall In The Shadows

This is a glitch which results in being able to fall down a pitfall to the bottom and surviving, you can then explore this nothingness. Enemies can fall down too and survive to fight you in the darkness. Setting this up is pretty much trial and error but it revolves around creating an divided off area in which you place switch and trapdoors together. I don’t know if there are exact figures but try around 30 trapdoors and twice as many switches – its not an exact science.


One Way Water Passages

If you make an underwater passageway try to add a water -1 tile to the end of it. Its wide enough for your character to get out of but too narrow to return through. Hence a one-way water passage.


Closed Waterways

Use the underwater vortex to create a river or lake and use further inclined tiles so the character (if in the water) cannot grapple out. He/she then has to tread water back to an earlier part of the level where they can get out. A few well positioned bow men can help make the return more difficult.


Fence Trick

Placing a fence on top of a +4 tile allows players to look through to the other side without being able to climb over it. Great for Seek Out missions!
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