Petition for a new Tenchu game reaches 400 signatures

Our petition for a new Tenchu game has broken the 400 signature milestone! In the last two days, there has been a high increase of Tenchu fans from Poland joining the cause. Wondering if any major gaming site in Poland picked up on our petition…

Keep on spreading the word, we are steadily moving on to the 500 mark!

Facebook Banner Contest

I thought it is time for a little contest. Our Facebook page could need a new banner. I will change it every month, so get your creative juices flowing. The best size for the banner is 851 pixels width and 315 pixels height (72 DPI). You can use any official Tenchu artwork for the creation of the banner. Fan art and cosplay photos are only permitted, if you have the rights to the pieces you are using. Shouldn’t be too hard. You have got one week. So next Monday (April, 9th) I will announce this months winner. Here is the link to our Facebook page, so you can check out the current banner.

Email your entries to: or post them on our Facebook wall or into this post’s comment thread.



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