Petition for a new Tenchu game

A lot of Tenchu fans are tired with the lack of information regarding the series future. So a couple of people on the forum thought it would be good to start an online petition to respectfully asking FromSoftware for a new Tenchu game on PS3 and/or XBOX360. The petition is now online here: Sign Tenchu Petition

It would be great if you took some time to sign the petition and share it with as many Tenchu fans as possible. Thanks for your support!

Shinobido Forum

Similar to the Tenchu series, Shinobido is a ninja action stealth game set in feudal Japan. It is being developed by the original creators of the Tenchu series, Acquire. Next week Shinobido 2 – Revenge of Zen will be released on Sony’s new handheld, the Vita. So we thought it is a fitting time to expand the forums with a place dedicated to discussing the Shinobido series. Check it out here



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