Bamboo Forest Tileset

Ground (snow) Ground (partial snow A) Ground (partial snow B) Ground (leaves) Shallow Incline (snow) Shallow Incline (leaves) Water Snow (water) Underwater Vortex Pitfall Trapdoor (gradual) Trapdoor (instant) Switch Trap (spear) Trap (arrow) Rock Grass Grave Bamboo Grass Bamboo Hedge … Continue reading

Dojo Tileset

Ground (dirt) Ground (wooden planks) Shallow Incline (stairs) Steep Incline (stairs) Switch Trap(spear) Column Wall with Shoji Pitfall Trapdoor (gradual) Lamp Spear Rack Fencing Armour Sword Stand Statue Straw Dummy Motohide Soldier (sword) Soldier (spear) Soldier (bow) Innocent     … Continue reading

European Castle Tileset

Ground (stone floor) Ground (carpet A) Ground (carpet B) Shallow Incline (stairs, stone floor) Shallow Incline (stairs, carpet) Steep Incline (stairs, stone floor) Steep Incline (stairs, carpet) Water Flagstone (water) Underwater Vortex Column Wall with Window Wall with Door Pitfall … Continue reading

Lake Tileset

Ground (dirt) Ground (grass A) Ground (grass B) Ground (grass C) Floor Shallow Incline (grass) Shallow Water Water Grass (water) Underwater Vortex Temple (sloped roof A) Temple (sloped roof B) Bridge (water) Shallow Incline (bridge) Pitfall Trapdoor (gradual) Trapdoor (instant) … Continue reading

Shipwreck Tileset

Ground (sand) Ground (rock) Ground (deck) Ground (broken deck) Shallow Incline (stairs) Steep Incline (stairs) Steep Incline (rock) Steep Incline (sand) Water Underwater Vortex Mast Pitfall Trapdoor (gradual) Trapdoor (instant) Switch Trap (arrow) Cannon Wooden Crates Barrel Lumber Rock Arrow … Continue reading

Tips & Tricks

Tips – General Tips Tricks – Points Of No Return – Ricochet Jumps – None Grapple Points – Moonsault Jumps – Walkthrough Walls – Harsh Protect – Scroll Pickers – Fall In The Shadows – One Way Water Passages – Closed Waterways – Fence Trick   General Tips To avoid enemies disappearing … Continue reading

Town Tileset

Ground (hardened dirt) Ground (gravel A) Ground (gravel B) Ground (gravel C) Ground (flagstones) Ground (shoreline A) Ground (shoreline B) Ground (shoreline C) Shallow Incline (hardened dirt) Steep Incline (bridge) Pitfall Water Underwater Vortex Bridge House (sloped roof A) House … Continue reading